Q2/2022 - Q1/2023: BUILDING

  • Researching and idea generating

  • Building technology development team

  • Designing ecosystem architecture and preparing infrastructure

  • Developing technical solutions and testing

  • Conducting internal testing and troubleshooting

Q2/2023: TESTING

  • Running product tests

  • Optimizing and developing technology

  • Setting up operations personnel

  • Go-to-market strategy


  • Community event

  • Strategic Partnership

  • Affiliate Hub Registration Opening

  • AI ChatBot


  • NFT Pass Offering (NPO)

  • MetaMinting

  • Concentrated Liquidity System (CLS)

  • Marketplace/Launchpad

  • Decentralized Affiliate Consuming platform (DAC)

  • Developing APIs and SDKs for integration with third-party applications and services

  • Partnership program with vendors and builders

2024: ECO-GROW

  • Multichain Integration

  • Multi-Ecosystem Integration

  • Expanding and developing according to technology trends

  • Maximizing revenue, boosting user growth

  • Expanding connections with projects trending on the market.

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