🦈About MetaHub

What is MetaHub?

MetaHub is the leading platform for building the Web3 Affiliate Community. By blending the powerful synergy of the Quest Portal with the Affiliate Hub, this Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform promotes robust interaction between Builders and the broader Community.

The Quest Portal is a service platform that facilitates the initiation, execution, and automatic rewarding of quests. Within the Portal, there are three primary quest categories: Social Quest, Custom Quest, and Checkpoint Quest

The Quest Portal enables the swift and efficient initiation of tasks for partners known as "Requesters." This system automatically assigns tasks to the community members eager to undertake these tasks, known as "Hunters." These tasks can be either free or payment-requiring, creating a flexible and diverse environment that offers ample opportunities for both Requesters and Hunters.

The Affiliate Hub is a system designed to manage and expand the Web3 Affiliate Community, aiming to enhance its size and quality. Furthermore, it provides Affiliators the opportunity to generate passive income from their own communities within MetaHub

With the Decentralized Affiliate Consumption (DAC) platform, our goal is to create an environment of innovative interaction and collaboration within the realm of Web3, catering to the needs of various market participants, including Investors, Builders, Users, and more.

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