Minting Mechanic

1. Total Vesting Amount

Once account staking is activated, Users will receive double the amount, raising the "Total Vesting Amount" to 200% of the tokens Users have staked (also known as your "Initial Capital").

Users will receive a daily reward at a rate of 0.4% to 0.8% on the "Total Vesting Amount," which Users can claim to the connected wallet (with a 10% tax) or Compound (with 0% tax) to reinvest and increase the "Total Vesting Amount." The "Total Vesting Amount" will gradually decrease after the number of tokens vested has been deducted.

NOTE: Make sure to log in to your account daily to perform the claim or compound function, as the reward will not be transferred to the next day.

Users can register the "Automatic Compound" function, and the system will automatically compound their rewards every day without requiring manual action.

2. Daily Reward Rate

During the first 28 days, the daily reward rate will be 0.5% of the Total Vesting Amount. From the 29th day onwards, the reward will be calculated based on the number of claims made in the previous 28 days, according to the table below:

Users have the opportunity to increase their Total Vesting Amount from 200% to 600% by participating in Affiliate Hub to invite a new Minter. When the Total Vesting Amount reaches 600%, the Reward rate will decrease to 0.3%, and this state is referred to as "Maxout".

  • Example 1: After minting 1 NFT-Pass, your MetaMinting account will have a "Total Vesting Amount" of 1000 MEN.

On the first day, with a reward rate of 0.5%, you will earn 0.5% * 1000 = 5 Tokens.

=> If you Claim, you will receive 4.5 Tokens after deducting a 10% tax. At this point, your "Total Vesting Amount" will be 995 tokens.

=> If you Compound, your Total Vesting Amount will increase to 1005 tokens.

  • Example 2: If you Stake 1000 $MEN, your "Total Vesting Amount" will double to 2000 Tokens.

On the first day, with a reward rate of 0.5%, you will earn 0.5% * 2000 = 10 Tokens.

=> If you Claim, you will receive 9 Tokens after deducting a 10% tax. At this point, your Total Vesting Amount will be 1990 tokens.

=> If you Compound, your Staking account will increase to 1010 tokens, and your Total Vesting Amount will rise to 2010 tokens.

3. Automatic Compound

Users can now use MATIC to purchase packages that will automatically accumulate their daily rewards, instead of having to manually enter the Compound Daily reward every day.

4. Cash out on DEX

When users want to cash out their tokens, they can sell them on centralized exchanges (CEXs) or decentralized exchanges (DEXs). However, there are certain regulations regarding token selling on DEXs to protect stable liquidity and prevent harmful speculative activities within the ecosystem.

When users choose to sell tokens on a centralized exchange (CEX), there are no limitations on the number of tokens they can sell. However, when selling tokens on a DEX, specific regulations apply. Firstly, they will receive payment only in USDT. Additionally, the total value of token sales on DEXs should not exceed 100 USDT per transaction.

Furthermore, to ensure stability and fairness in DEX usage, users are allowed a maximum of two consecutive sell transactions on a DEX. These two transactions must be at least 24 hours apart. This regulation aims to prevent speculative behavior and minimize negative impacts on DEX liquidity and token value.

The regulations regarding token selling on DEXs are designed to protect stable liquidity within the ecosystem. By limiting the number of tokens that can be sold in each transaction and establishing a minimum time interval between transactions, the ecosystem aims to avoid mass dumping and unhealthy speculative activities. This helps maintain fairness and reliability within the ecosystem and contributes to the sustainable development of the MetaHub platform.

5. Tax Management System (TMS)

The Tax Management System (TMS), a groundbreaking feature within the MetaHub platform, is designed to enhance the ecosystem's performance. The Tax Management System serves not only as a management tool but also as a mechanism to control token price volatility and incentivize sustainable growth. Thanks to this mechanism, the Tax Management System (TMS) contributes to stability within the MetaHub ecosystem, providing a secure investment environment for users.

Empowered by the Tax Management System (TMS), MetaHub can tap into significant revenue streams, thereby supporting the economic development of both MetaHub and its affiliated protocols. Through these revenue sources, MetaHub gains the capability to invest in infrastructure and essential services, enhancing user experience quality. This generates a competitive edge for MetaHub, positioning it as a superior platform within the blockchain arena.

For newcomers and seasoned investors alike in the blockchain field, Tax Management System (TMS) stands as an invaluable tool. It aids them in identifying suitable investment directions within the intricate and diverse MetaHub ecosystem. TMS not only assists in shaping investment goals with confidence but also streamlines and facilitates the investment process.

The process of distributing rewards from the Tax Manager System to NFT-Pass Holders and stMEN Holders will go through three stages:

  • Stage 1: The Tax Manager System will have 28 days to accumulate taxes to divide among holders.

  • Stage 2: After the accumulation period, NFT-Pass Holders will have 24 hours to check their number of shares and receive a share from the company's revenue from the Tax Manager System.

  • Stage 3: After the 24-hour check-in period, each holder can claim their reward.

6. Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD)

LSD represents a significant technological advancement in the realm of cryptocurrency, offering an effective solution to the liquidity challenge in staking assets on Proof of Stake (PoS) networks. Leveraging the MetaHub platform, we introduce an innovative and distinctive solution: users can stake $MEN tokens and receive derivative tokens called stMEN. These tokens not only represent the staked assets but also create a new avenue for enhancing liquidity. The stMEN tokens are designed to enable users to trade on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and earn rewards from their staked assets, all while enjoying various additional privileges.

The process of generating stMEN tokens is executed through secure and reliable steps. Users first lock their $MEN tokens into the LSD smart contract. Upon completion of the token locking process, stMEN tokens are minted and can be freely traded on DEX platforms.

What's intriguing is that holders of stMEN tokens not only enjoy benefits such as reduced taxes and profit-sharing through the Tax Manager System (TMS), but they also reap the advantages of staking assets on the network. This introduces a substantial differentiation from traditional staking methods.

This delivers unprecedented flexibility and liquidity to users. By utilizing LSD, users not only harness the advantages of staking but also experience the flexibility of trading derivative tokens. We believe that LSD will usher in a new era for the cryptocurrency world, presenting fresh opportunities and benefits for users.

The LSD function allows you to lock MEN tokens to receive stMEN at a 1:1 ratio and choose a 30-day or 60-day lock period.

Benefits of locking MEN tokens for 30 days to receive stMEN:

  • Increase your Affiliate Level by one for every 2500 stMEN owned.

  • StMEN is tradable on DEX.

Benefits of locking at least 15,000 MEN tokens for 60 days to receive stMEN:

  • Increase your Affiliate Level by one for every 2500 stMEN owned.

  • StMEN is tradable on DEX.

  • Get a 50% discount on Buy/Sell tax, reduced from 10% to 5%. when you have at least one “Lock” order of 15,000 $MEN remaining for 60 days.

When you transfer StMEN, you forfeit the right to unlock MEN tokens for the corresponding amount. Recipients of StMEN from others will have a 30-day unlock waiting period.

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