Requesters, diverse partners who can be individuals or organizations, can collaborate with MetaHub by utilizing the Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform.

For individual Requesters, they can instantly initiate tasks within the "Social Quest" category on DAC without the need for identity verification (KYC). Every step, from task creation to completion, is seamlessly automated.

Conversely, for organizational Requesters, wanting to list quests on the DAC platform (including listing on MetaLaunch and NFT Marketplace) requires them to undergo identity verification (KYC) and quality audit checks before they are permitted to list. This is to ensure that DAC consistently offers safe, high-quality tasks that have been rigorously reviewed before being presented to the community.

Requesters gain access to MetaHub's strong, dynamic, and potential-filled community, providing a launchpad for their project's development and growth. Partnering with MetaHub offers not only customer benefits but also opens doors to a diverse business environment where they can harness their potential. By integrating resources, knowledge, and skills, MetaHub and Requesters together create a unique ecosystem, fostering sustainable development for both parties.

In summary, collaborating with MetaHub offers Requesters numerous benefits – from cost-effective access to a large pool of potential customers to opportunities for business development and growth. This collaboration also provides involvement in a distinctive and evolving ecosystem.

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