The Deflationary Token Minting model is a unique and effective mechanism built on the decentralized form of Staking. It utilizes proof of ownership based on the number of minted NFT-Passes and tokens that have been Staked for further token minting. The primary goal of this model is to efficiently address token inflation by gradually reducing the daily token minting for each account over time.

This system employs smart contracts to ensure transparency and fairness in rewarding users. When users mint NFT-Pass or Stake $MEN tokens in MetaMinting, they will receive daily rewards of up to 0.8% based on their Total Vesting Amount. Additionally, the total number of mineable tokens will depend on the amount of tokens Staked, ranging from a 200% to 600% increase based on the Staked amount.

Furthermore, the Deflationary Token Minting model also ensures a gradual reduction in the daily mineable token supply over time. This holds significant importance in maintaining and stabilizing the token's value. As the mined token supply decreases, the overall market token supply diminishes, creating upward price pressure and ensuring the token's sustainability over the long term.

In summary, the Deflationary Token Minting model offers multiple benefits to both users and the system. Users partake in the process of generating new tokens and receive equitable daily rewards, while the system ensures transparency, fairness, and the preservation of token value. This represents a noteworthy advancement in the token-minting sphere and promises to effectively mitigate token inflation.

There are two methods to activate a MetaMinting account through the Deflationary Token Minting model:

  • Method 1: Mint NFT-Passes via the NFT-Pass Offering (NPO) event.

  • Method 2: Stake MEN Tokens.

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