🤝For Requesters

The Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform plays an incredibly vital and indispensable role in promoting and marketing the products and services of new projects. Built on the intelligent combination of the crowdsourcing model and integrated Web3 technology, DAC introduces an advanced and innovative marketing approach.

One of the significant strengths of DAC is its ability to simplify and swiftly initiate as well as deploy quests. This presents a vital opportunity for Requesters, who need to promote their products and services, to rapidly and effectively access a large number of potential users. However, these quests are not merely a marketing tool; they also create a two-way interaction channel, opening up communication opportunities between providers and consumers.

By completing quests, not only do Hunters receive attractive rewards, but a portion of these rewards is also added to a liquidity pool reserved for Affiliate rewards. This establishes a fair and transparent system that honors individual contributions and fosters team spirit.

Deploying quests on the DAC platform ensures not only healthiness and fairness but also enables new projects to reach a large potential user base. This not only saves time and resources but also leads to higher promotional effectiveness and optimizes positive interactions among relevant parties. This is truly a notable advancement, contributing to improving competitiveness and directing the development of projects in an increasingly complex and diverse business environment.

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