๐Ÿซ‚For Hunters & Affiliators

The Decentralized Affiliate Consuming platform is the culmination of the convergence of two critical modules integrated into the crowdsourcing model for community development:

  1. Quest Portal:

Decentralized Affiliate Consuming is a platform that offers the capability to swiftly and efficiently initiate quests for partners, referred to as โ€œRequestersโ€. DAC will automatically distribute quests to the community for individuals eager to carry out these quests, known as โ€œHuntersโ€.

On DAC, Requesters are those who deploy campaigns and quests on the platform; they can easily set up and customize quests to align with their goals and requirements. They also have the ability to determine the reward level for each quests, creating balance and appeal for both participants and quest creators.

An essential role of Affiliators at the Quest Portal is to allocate quests created by Requesters to Hunters, who are participants responsible for executing the quests. Affiliators ensure that each quest is fairly distributed and matches the capabilities of individual Hunters. The stability and efficiency of this distribution process significantly impact the growth and development of the community.

Here, the quest system is divided into three groups:

  • Social Quest: These are missions that help Requesters become more viral and expand interest in their brand on the most popular social media platforms today.

  • Custom Quest: Requesters here will be projects or organizations that have undergone MetaHub KYC process before being authorized to initiate quests. These quests will be closely related to the business model, products, or services of partner projects or organizations.

  • Checkpoint Quest: These are quests where verification of completion depends on Sheriffs and can be carried out in online or offline forms. Offline forms, for example, involve creating a quest that requires the community to check in at a specific location, and so on.

  1. Affiliate Hub:

Affiliate Hub is a system designed to manage and expand the Web3 Affiliate Community, aiming to enhance its size and quality. Furthermore, it provides Affiliators the opportunity to generate passive income from their own communities within MetaHub.

This is not just a tool; it's a crucial bridge to support the development and expansion of user networks for Affiliators. By combining advanced features and technologies, Affiliate Hub is designed to swiftly and effectively construct a management and network development platform within the community, generating a sustainable passive income for participants.

With the support of Affiliate Hub, Affiliators gain the ability to broaden their scope of activities and reach a larger potential user base. This favorable condition enhances the potential for income generation and profit optimization through participation.

When an individual chooses to become an Affiliator and build their own community through Affiliate Hub, they open the door to creating an unlimited passive income from the MetaHub ecosystem. All activities within the community contribute to generating passive income, which automatically flows into their personal wallet.

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