🕵️For Sheriffs

The Decentralized Affiliate Consuming (DAC) platform is a robust system capable of assisting Requesters in initiating and managing various quests flexibly. Among these quests are those that require automatic validation of their validity after being completed by Hunters. However, for quests that cannot be verified automatically, ensuring their validity still presents a challenge.

To address this issue, the platform will introduce a significant role, known as "Sheriffs." Sheriffs are individuals who participate in the process of inspecting and confirming the validity of quests after they have been completed by Hunters. Through this process, the system ensures that quests that cannot be automatically verified will be assessed fairly and accurately.

An important point is that for a task to be considered valid, it needs confirmation from a minimum number of Sheriffs. This ensures transparency and reliability in the task verification process. This fact opens up unlimited potential, enabling the platform to perform and support a wide range of quests without being constrained by technological or verification constraints.

By combining the diversity of quest categories and the active participation of Sheriffs, the platform not only ensures the accuracy and reliability of quests but also creates an environment that promotes diversity and richness in initiating and completing quests. This contributes to forming a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient system for managing the work and activities of the Hunters and Requesters community on the platform.

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